Physically located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Advanced Food Services (AFS) began operations as a consulting oriented company back in 1993.

Its frontiers were soon expanded by market requirements.  Now, our key function is to provide technical support to the food industry in the
Caribbean and Latin America.Our capabilities can be broadly classified into two areas: biosciences/chemistry and the food sciences. Contract
research capabilities in food science include: broad-based product and process development, including pilot plant runs; comprehensive product
evaluations, including analytical, microbiology and computerized nutritional analysis; and integral scientific support, including statistics. By
capitalizing on our expertise, we help our colleagues meet their technical needs in timely and cost-effective ways.
Our results oriented food scientists have a full range of cutting-edge tools for working with a vast array of process food products, including:
canned and frozen products, baked goods, dairy products, beverages, confections,  sauces and more.